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Growing Business

Everywhere throughout the world I show several organizations to enhance and upgrade their on-the-telephone deals and client benefit execution. Also, every time we remain before a customer, we need to oppose an allurement.

The enticement is this: walk around a customer meeting and “dump.” Dump all that we’ve learned through our cutting edge examination and involvement in deals as fast as could be allowed. Share each tip, system, mystery and device we think about deals and client benefit.

It sounds quite silly right?

Why? Since it wouldn’t be viable

The things we outline must be shown in an exceptionally think and attentive way. They must be scholarly, created, honed and refined. Advance takes times. It doesn’t occur rapidly. On the off chance that we attempted to prepare in hyper-speed we would fizzle.

And even though it sounds ridiculous, many business owners think they can grow their business using the ‘dump’ method. They are trying to boil the ocean. They want to have more. And they want it now.

The problem is: just like the ‘dump’ method of training, if your business tries to do everything all at once and too fast. You will fail.

Expanding Your Business Too Fast

A major factor of business failure is expanding too quickly. To borrow and dramatically modify a line from the movie Jurassic Park: ‘business owners get so preoccupied with whether or not they can expand, they don’t stop to think about if they should expand.’

Remember: just like everyone who was eaten by dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, you will always pay the price for growing too fast.

The ‘Least Risky’ Way for Growth

Measurable – You must have a very specific, very planned strategy. And you must be able to define success. If your goal is to ‘grow’ or ‘get bigger’ you will fail. Why? Because those are un-measurable goals. What specifically is your business’s goal? How will you measure that goal? And how/when will you achieve it?

Milestones – When we train we don’t teach people to do ‘better.’ We teach people to measurably improve one step at a time. Treat your shop the same way. Give it milestones. They could be certain levels of revenue, car counts, or number of employees. Once you’ve reached a certain milestone you will know what the next milestone is (remember you already have a very specific strategy that lays all this out). You don’t just expand because you have dreams in your head, stars in your eyes and money in your pocket.

Living Within Your Means – When families create a budget they often forget to take into account ‘unexpected’ medical expenses, retirement, car expenses, and home repairs.

This makes no sense.

These ‘unexpected’ expenses should be expected. They happen every year. Always. Businesses are no different. Make sure you consider employees quitting, employees wanting raises, equipment breaking, or property maintenance. Plan and budget for these ‘unexpected’ events.

Grow Slowly and Prosper

Before ContactPoint trains we gather real data (in our situation: from actual recorded phone calls), we develop a strategy, we set milestones and we measure, measure, measure. This is a process produces optimal results. It is not an event.

This process the best way to optimally grow your business.